I might help you with the following things:

KPI’s (Key Point Indicators)

Defining KPI's that are most important, Reporting to get insight in your business performance, Keeping track by automatic reports, Development of your business by looking at KPI reports


Excel Modeling – Google Spreadsheet

Building efficient excel sheets, Restructuring and Transforming old excel sheets into fully working Google Spreadsheets.


Management Reporting

I create management reports that make life easier and develop Dashboards that represent your business performance at one A4.

Business Cases

I help you creating a business case that gives a clear virtual overview of your business, further improvement your business case and model

Business Plans

Writing your business plan and/or improving it by looking what is missing.


Scenario Analysis

Defining different scenarios by looking at which factors are main value / cost drivers and Modeling in excel so that they are adjustable and manageable.

Student at RSM Erasmus University


Name: Matthijs Otto
Place: Amsterdam
E-mail: Matthijs@matthijsotto.nl
Phone: +31 (0)614959702



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Services in Detail

For existing companies


  • Defining; which ratios are most important in my business?
  • Reporting: getting insight in your business process and translate numbers into stories.
  • Keeping track: building automatic reports that keep track of your business performance
  • Development: by looking at KPI reports that are created learn to improve your business, efficiency and explore new opportunities.

Excel Modeling

  • Restructuring: Most of the time people begin building a spreadsheet and end up in a total mess. I restructure it for you. It’s the same as cleaning your house; you collect a lot of stuff (data), after a week you start cleaning (restructuring) by putting the stuff at the right place and removing stuff that you don’t need anymore!
  • Transformation: I transform your old excel spreadsheet to a fully working Google Spreadsheet which is in the Cloud and accessible from any device with internet.

Management Reporting

Reporting: make your life easier by creating management reports in excel/google spreadsheet that translate data into figures.

Dashboards: your business performance in just one overview.

Services in Detail

For Start-ups

Business Cases

  • Creating: I help you to put your business plan together into a virtual overview that clearly show’s your business idea.

  • Development: I help you to develop your business case and model.

Business Plans

  • Writing: I write a business plan which in detail describes your business
  • Improvement: looking at what is missing in the business plan and improve it.

Scenario Analysis

  • Creating: together we define different scenarios and look at which variables should differ and make most impact. This could be the costs and value drivers in your business plan in three different settings; so different possible outcomes. This could also be an overview of two different investment options that contributes in decision making.

  • Modeling: I make a fully automatic excel/google spreadsheet in which financial output is based on different scenario’s which are adjustable and manageable.


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